One on One


What could be better than learning to cook the food you love within the privacy and comfort of your own kitchen?  One-on-One allows you to work at your pace, beginning with menu planning and ending with a successfully completed meal.  Designed for up to four people, One-on-One is a great opportunity for families or couples to get acquainted with how to work together in their own kitchen.  One-on-One makes a fabulous wedding gift - imagine the relief and freedom for newlyweds as we help them decode their new kitchen equipment.

Essen One-on-One is intended to be held in your home kitchen.  Arrangements can be made to host in an Essen Studio Kitchen.

Prices begin at $270 for up to two people and include:

• Two and one-half to three hours of hands-on cooking instruction
• Custom lesson plan and menu development
• Complete set of all recipes in keepsake cookbook
• Sit-down meal
• Counter Culture coffee and filtered water bar
• Friendly, supportive, and experienced staff
• Warm & inclusive environment

Prices for three and four people, as well as for a series of Classes are available here.

Contact Essen at or ring us at 717.391.8270 to book your Essen One-on-One Classes today!